Soạn bài The Mass Media ( Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 7)

Soạn bài online – Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 7


Ex1: I have lived in Chau Thanh since 1995.       
       S          VED   
Ex2: I have taught English for four years. 
       S           V3
*Form:        S    + has/ have     +    V3/ ED    + …..
                  S    + has/ have     +  not   +   V3/ ED    + …..
                   Has/ Have     +  S    +   V3/ ED    + …..?
– since   +   mốc thời gian         
– for       +   khoảng thời gian
2.Because of:
 *  because + pronoun   +  be  +  adjective
 => because of   + prossessive   +  noun
Ex: His boss is very hard to talk with because he is  severe.
                                                                     Pro be   adj
=>His boss is very hard to talk with because of   his    severity.                                                                              
                                                                         Pos     Noun
because   +  the   + noun     + be      +    adjective
=>because of    +    the   +   adjective    + noun
Ex: He can’t go to the lecture because the rain   is     heavy.                                                                              
                                                                       be      adj
=> He can’t go to the lecture because of the heavy rain.                                                           
                                                            Art    adj   noun
   3. In spite of: Cụm giới từ in spite of được dùng để chỉ sự nhượng bộ và được theo sau bởi cụm danh từ hay cụm danh động từ.
*In spite of   +    noun phrase
Ex: Although the test was difficult, Jack tried to finish it.
=> In spite of the difficult test, Jack tried to finish it.
*  In spite of   +    gerund phrase
Ex: Although he is poor, he always leads an honest life.
=> In spite of being poor, he always leads an honest life.
Vocabulary (Sgk)
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