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I.Reported speech: Statements.
  Ex1:Tom says “I am a student”.
=> Tom says (that) he is a student.

  Ex2:Ha says to me “I am a student now”.
=> Ha tells me (that) she is a student now.
  Ex3: Minh said “I am a teacher now”.
=> Minh said (that) he was a teacher then.
a. Reporting verb in Simple present, present continuous, present perfect and simple future. (Tenses of the verbs: not
b. Reporting verb in Simple past: (Tenses of the verbs: Changed).
      Direct speech                                   
Indirect speech
– Present (simple/ continuous)  => Past (simple/ continuous)
– Past (simple/ continuous)       => Past perfect (simple/ continuous)
– Past (simple/ continuous)       => Past perfect (simple/ continuous)
– Present perfect                        => Past perfect
– will/ shall/ can / may…+V1  => would / should / could / might + V1
– Past perfect: not changed.
c. say(s) to +  O   =>  tell(s) + O
   said to    + O     => told   + O
d. Rules of changing Personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and pronounce.
– 1st persons: changed as the S of the reporting verb.
– 2nd person: changed as the O of the reporting verb.
– 3rd person: not changed. 
e. Ways of Changing.
– here                                  => there
– this                                   => that 
– these                                 => those
– now                                  => then
– tonight                              => that night
– today                                 => that day
– tomorrow                          => the next day/the following day
– yesterday                          => the day before/the previous day
– ago                                    =>before
– last + N                             => the previous+ N
– next + N                          
=> the following  + n
– the day before yesterday   => two days before
– the day after tomorrow     => in two days’ time


Ex1: If I have alot of money, I will buy a new bicycle.
          S   V1                           S    Vo
Ex2: If you study harder, you can succeed in this exam.            
            S      V1                S             Vo     
* Form                                                    
If  +  S  + V1/S/ ES +…, S  ­+  can   +   Vo  +….                                                   

* Usage:

Diễn tả điều kiện có thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hay tương lai.

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