Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Reported Speech


1.      “ I have something to show you now”
-> He told me…

2.       “ I leaving here for Hue tomorrow”
-> She said…
3.       “ I’ll come with you as soon as I am ready
-> Tom said…
4.       “ I must go now” 
-> The father said…
5.       “ I am afraid the we’ll be late for school”
-> John told Fiona…
6.       “ I must stay at home tonight to finish my homework”
-> Iohn said
7.       “ I promise to comw with you tomorrow”
-> Hoa told them
8.       “ We can find a lot of good English books in this bookshop”
->Mr.Tan told Nam
9.       “ The English exam is easy”
-> Tan said
10.    “ I am sure you will be better at English than you are soon”
-> Nga said
 “ Do you like living here?”
 à Cousin Alice asked you
12.    “ Are you cold today?”
-> Aunt Catherinewanted to know
13.    “ Are you going to move to live in countryside?”
-> Uncle Tom ashed My father
14.   “ Do you like the presents from you children?”
-> Miss Jane asked Mrs. Brown
15.   I said to Mary, “ Do you enjoy your English class?”
-> I asked
16.    “ Will you live here the rest of your life?”
-> Mr. Eddy asked my grandma
17.    “ Can you read without your glasses?”
-> John asked his father
18.   . “ Are you tired of the noise from the street here?”
->He asked me
19.    “ Can you hear me clearly now?”
-> I asked Nga  
20.   “ Do you remember me?”
->She asked me
21.   “ Where are you now?” said Jane to her brother
-> Jane asked
22.    My mother said to me “ Why are you so lazy and naughty?”
-> My mother asked
23.    “ What is your new English teacher like?” John asked his friend
-> John asked
24.    “ Where will you spend your vacation this summer, Peter?” said Mary
 -> Mary asked
25.    “ What do I have to do in this situation?” said the lady to the policeman
 ->The lady asked
26.   "Are you enjoying yourself?”
->He wanted to know
27.    'What's the weather like?'
-> She asked me
28.    'Does Ann always go to church on Sundays?”
-> He wondered
29.    'What does Frank do for a living?'
-> I wanted to know
30.    'Have you, seen John recently?'
-> She asked me
31.    'Has Debbie been working here long?”
-> He wanted to know
32.    'Why is Maria crying?'
-> She wondered 
33.   'What kind of holiday has Marco had?'
-> We wanted to know
34. 'Did you study hard for the exam?'
-> She wondered
35.  'How long have you both been living here?'
->They inquired
36. 'Will Ted and Alice be at the party?'
->She asked us
37.  'What did you think of the performance yesterday?'
-> She asked me
38.  'Who were you looking for?' 
-> He asked me
39.  'Are meals included in the price, or not?'
-> He asked me
40.  'How can I solve the problem?'
-> I wanted to know
41.  ' I'm working in a restaurant' she said.
42.  ' I can't live on my basic salary,' Peter said.
43.  ' My young brother wants to be a taxi inspector,' said Mary.
44. ' We had done our homework before we played football,' said the children.
45. ' I've made a terrible mistake!' said Peter.
46.  'You are always making terrible mistakes,' I said.
47.  ' We've been here for two and a half years,' said the woman  'and we're going to stay here for another six months.'
48.  ' I'm living with my parents at the moment,' she said.
49. ' I'm leaving tomorrow by the 4.30 from Victoria', she said.
50. ' We'll come and see you off,' we said.
51.  ' I've just bought  a car,' said Peter.
52.  ' I'm bathing the babies tonight' said Mary.
53.  ' I didn't see you here yesterday' he said to me.
54.  ' We haven't finished our work yet' said the students.
55.  ' I've missed my train and I'll be late for work,' said Bill.
56.  ' We'll wait for you if you are late,' they said.
57.  ' They are supposed to be landing at London airport,' I said.
58.  ' If you lend me the chain-saw,' said Mary,' I'll bring it back the day after tomorrow.'
59.  ' I hate getting up on dark morning,' said Peter.
60.  ' I lived with my uncle in Paris five years ago' Lan said.
61. ' I've only just had my lunch,' said his sister.
62.  ' I usually take my dog out for a walk when I come from my work,' he said.
63.  ' I bought this bag in Milan last month,' I said.
64.  ' This colour doesn't go with your coat' said Peter.
65.   ' I don't  want to work with you' he said to me.

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