Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Câu điều kiện


Xem lại phần ngữ pháp tại đây
1.     Get up early or you’ll be late for school.
-> If …

2.     Work hard and you will succeed in the exam.
-> If …
3.      Don’t smoke too much or you’ll be sick.
-> If …
4.     If you go out in the rain without a raincoat, you’ll catch a bad cold.
-> If …
5.  Reduce the use of energy  or you’ll pay more for it.
-> If …
6.  We will stay home as there will be a typhoon.
-> If …
7.  He is unfit because he never takes any exercises.
-> If …
8.   We don’t trust him because always
tells lies.

-> If …
9.  We don’t see our grandma very often as she lives so far away.
-> If …
10.  He can’t apply gor a job as he is old.
-> If …
11.    She doesn’t have a map, so she gets lost.
-> If …
12.   I have to do the homework, so I can’t go with you.
-> If …
13.  If I see him I (give) him a lift. 
        -> If …
14.  The table will collapse if you
(stand) on it. à
15.  If he (eat) all he will be ill. à
16.  If I find your passport I
(telephone) you at once. à
17.  The police (arrest) him if they
catch him. à
18.  If he (read) in bad light he will
ruin his eyes. à
19.  Someone (steal) your car if you
leave it unlocked. à
20.  What will happen if my parachute
(not open)? à
21.  If he (wash) my car I’ll give him
10$. à
22.  If she (need) a radio she can
borrow mine. à
23.  If you (not go) away I’ll send
for the police. à
24.  I’ll be very angry if he (make)
any more mistakes. à
25.  She will be absolutely furious if
she (hear0 about this. à
26.  If you put on the kettle I (make)
the tea. à
27.  If he (be) late we’ll go out
without him. à
28.  If I had a typewriter I (type) it
myself. à
29.  If I (know) his address I’d give
it to you. à
30.  He (look) a lot better if he
shaved more often. à
31.  If you (play) for lower stakes
you wouldn’t lose so much. à
32.  If he worked more slowly he (not
make) so many mistakes.
33.  I shouldn’t drink that wine if I
(be) you. à
34.  More tourist would come to this
country if it (have) a better climate. à
35.  If I were sent to prison you
(visit) me? à
36.  If someone (give) you a
helicopter what would you do with it? à
37.  I (buy) shares in that company if
I had some money. à
38.  If he (clean) his windscreen he’d
be able to see where he going. à
39.  If you drove your car into the
river you (be able) to get out. à
40.  If you (not belong) to a union
you couldn’t get a good job. à
41.  If I (win) a big prize in a
lottery I’d give up my job à
42.  What you (do) if you found a
burglar in your house à
43.  If I had known that you were in
hospital I (visit) you. à
44.  The ground was very soft. But for
that, my horse (win). à
45.  If you (arrive) ten minutes
earlier you would have got a seat. à
46.  You would have seen my garden at
its best if you (be) here last week. à
47.  But for his quickness I (be)
killed. à
48.  I shouldn’t have believed it if I
(not see) it with my own eyes. à
49.  If he had slipped he (fall) 500
meters. à
50.  If he had asked you, you
(accept)? à
51.  If I (had) a map I would have
been all right. à
52.  If I (know) that you were coming
I’d have baked a cake. à
53.  I (offer) to help him if I had
realized that he was ill. à
54.  If you had left that wasp alone
it (not sting) you. à
55.  If I (realize) what a bad driver
you were I wouldn’t have come with you. à
56.  If I had realized that the
traffic lights were red I (stop). à
57.  But for the fog we (reach) our
destination ages ago. à
58.  If you (find) a skeleton in the
cellar don’t mention it to anyone. à
59.  If you pass your examination we
(have) a celebration. à
60.  What (happen) if I press this
button? à
61.  I should have voted for her if I
(have) a vote then. à
62.  If you go to Paris where you (stay)? à
63.  If someone offered to buy you one
of those rings, which you (choose)? à
64.  The flight may be cancelled if
the fog (get) thick. à
65.  If the milkman (come) tell him to
leave two pints. à
66.  Someone (sit) on your glasses if
you leave them there. à
67.  You would play better bridge if
you (not talk) so much. à
68.  What I (do) if I hear the burglar
alarm? à
69.  If you (read) the instructions
carefully you wouldn’t have answered the wrong question. à
70.  I could repair the roof of myself
if I (have) a long ladder. à
71.  Unless they turn that radio off I
(go) mad. à
72.  If you were made redundant what
you (do)? à
73.  We’ll have a long way to walk if
we (run) out of petrol here. à
74.  If you shake that bottle of port
it (not be) fit to drink. à
75.  I’ll probably get lost unless he
(come) with me. à
76.  You (not have) so many accidents
if you drove more slowly. à
77.  If you (wear) a false beard
nobody would have recognized you. à
78.  If she (leave) the fish there the
car will get it. à
79.  Unless they leave a lamp beside
that hole in the road somebody (fall) into it. à
80.  You’re get pneumonia if you (not
change) your wet clothes. à
81.  If I had known that you couldn’t
eat octopus I (not buy) it. à
82.  If they (hang) that picture lower
people would be able to see it. à
83.  She (be able) to walk faster if
her shoes hadn’t such high heels. à
84.  I (bring) you some beer if I had
known that you were thirsty. à
85.  If I had touched that electric
cable you (be) electrocuted. à
86.  If the story hadn’t been true the
newspaper (not print) it. à
87.  I (not buy) things on the
installment system if I were you. à
88.   Dial 999 if you (want) Police, Ambulance, or
Fire Brigade. à
89.  You (not be) any use to me unless
you learn to type. à
90.  If anyone attacked me, my dog
(jump) at his throat. à
91.  If he was in he (answer) the
phone. à
92.  The ship would have run aground
if the pilot (make) one mistake. à


93.  I shouldn’t have taken your
umbrella if I (know) that it was the only one you had à