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Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1.    A. key                  B.they                        C. today                     D. survey
2.    A. time                 B. fit                           C.fine                        D.Friday
3.    A. voice               B. coin                        C.coincide                D. noise
4.    A. famous           B. face                        C.take                        D. catch
5.    A. family             B. sky                         C.type                        D.clarify
Choose the word whose main stress is
placed differently from the others
6.  A. channel               B.media                      C cartoon               D. comment
7. A.documentary       B. advantage               C. magazine            D. popularity
8. A.newspaper          B. encourage               C. responsible        D. effective
9. A.beautiful            B. television                 C. Internet              D. interfere
10. A.enjoy               B. relax                         C. recommend        D. intend
Choose the one word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that best completes the sentence.
11. You can hear BBC news________ all over the world.
       A. shows              B.announcements     C. receipts        D.programs
12.Television can make things________ because it presents information in an effective way.
       A. memory           B.memorial                C. memorable           D. memorably
13.Do you understand this ________? ‘200 WOMEN GIVEN WRONG DIAGNOSIS’
       A. report              B.headline                  C. news                       D. advert
14.Children often prefer looking at ________to reading books.
       A. newspapers     B. comics                    C.articles                    D. commercials
15.In Britain,there are some 'terrestrial' ________on TV such as BBCI, BBC2, ITV1
       A. programs        B. series                       C.channels                 D. cables
16.'Is the paper published every day?' 'No, it ________out once a week.'
       A. turns                B.goes                        C. produces                D. comes       
17.Editorial ________in 'The Guardian' tended to support the government in this matter.
       A. comments       B. complaints C. commands             D. comedies
18.A ________is a film with factual information, often about a problem in society.
       A. series               B.soap opera             C. documentary          D. drama
19.There was a report ________ The Independent ________ this new law.
       A. on/ for                      B. in/ to                      C. in/ about          D. on/ in
20.__________ is a system connecting millions of computer worldwide.
A. The television B. The Internet           C. The media  D. The phone
Choose the one word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that best completes the sentence.
21.The scheme allows students from many countries________ with each other.
       A. communicate       B. to communicate     C. communicating      D. communicates
22. ________ the storm warnings, we did not go out last night.
       A. Since                            B.In spite of              C.Because of  D. The result
23.This is the fifth time you ________ me the same question.
       A. ask                           B.asked                      C. are asking           D. have asked
24.When I arrived at the party, Lucy________ home.
       A. has already gone                                 B. had already gone
       C. already went                                        D. already was going
25.English people spent 18 hours per week ________ TV.
       A. watching                     B. to watch                 C.watch                 D. for watching
26. I've lived in a small house near the coast ________1990.
       A. from                            B.since                      C. in                       D. for
27. She left home in 1993 and ________ since.
       A. hasn't seen                 B.didn't see               C. hasn't been seen   D. wasn't seen
28. It's time we________ this old car and bought a new one.
       A. will sell                      B.have sold              C. had sold                D. sold
29. Since Mr Hassan ________ president, both taxes and unemployment ________.
       A. has become/increased                    B. became/ increased
       C.became/ have increased                  D.has become/ have increased
30. ________ all my warnings,he tried to fix the computer himself.
       A. Although                    B.In spite of              C. Because             D. Instead of
31. Some television programs ________
       A. may make children to be violent.              B. make children be violent.
       C. may make children violent.                                    D.make children being violent.
32. I ________ away most of my old books when I moved house.
       A. threw                          B.have thrown         C. had thrown          D. was throwing
33. You ________ whisper. Nobody can hear us.
       A. needn't to                   B.don't have to         C. mustn't                D. need to
34. The children. ________ to the Botanical Garden.
       A. were enjoyed taken                                      B. were enjoyed taking
       C. enjoyed taking                                              D. enjoyed being taken
35. So far this week there________ three burglaries in our street.
       A. are                               B.were                       C. have been           D. had been
Identify the one underlined word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.
36.  The investigation into the president's past was covered through the media worldwide.
                                 A                                        B             C                              D
37.  An advantage of Internet news reports is that they can be constant updated.
               A                                              B                    C         D
38.The magazine went out of business because it did not have subscribers enough.
                            A     B                     C                                      D
39.The editor was famous for being choosy about who she wanted on her staff
                                       A     B                         C                       D
40.It is convenient to subscribe to the newspaper although it is delivered to your house daily.
                                A                                         B                C                                  D


Choose the one option -A, B, C or D – that best completes the passage.
The World Wide Web is (41)________millions of sites (42) ________ by anybody from multimedia corporations to (43) ________ people like you and me. On the web you can read online newspapers or magazines; you can watch videos,(44) ________ music or buy anything (45) ________a CD to a holiday. You can go into a (46) ________ and (47) ________to other people all over the world or (48) ________a newsgroup for more serious debate. If you are really ambitious you might even like to try creating your own (49) ________.Then you can (50________your holiday pictures to the whole world!
41.       A. made up                B.made up of            C. made from            D. made of
42.       A. taken                     B.discovered                        C.invented     D. created
43.       A. usual                      B.normal                   C. ordinary                D. typical
44.       A. download              B. listen                      C.watch                     D. unload
45.       A . like           .           B. on                           C.from                       D. with
46.       A. talk room              B. CD-ROM               C.chat room              D. speaking room
47.       A. talk                        B.speak                     C. say                         D. converse
48.       A. attend                    B.take                        C. access                    D. join
49.       A. chat room             B. web page               C.pictures                 D. internet
50.       A. see                         B.send                       C. indicate                 D. show
Choose the correct answer – A, B, C, or D.
Chen likes to get his news from the paper. Lemma turns on the television to find out what's going on in the world. Eve subscribes to more magazines than she can keep track of, whereas Kobi chooses to listen to radio talk shows that cover issues thoroughly to tap into what's going on in the world. All these people are touched by the media.
What is the media? What constitutes the media? The media consists of all the ways that news and information is distributed to a mass audience. The media covers everything from hard news, which is investigative reporting to stories that are purely entertaining, such as whether your favorite movie star was on the "Best Dressed/ Worst Dresser list. Whether in print or broadcast on TV, the stories
are the product of the reporting of many journalists who write the stories, and editors who give out the assignments, assess the quality of the writing and research, and make the decisions about where and when the stories run.
The news has immediate impact. The Internet puts global news onto the personal computer on your desk.
Almost all browsers have links to up-to-the-minute news stories from various news services. You can get constant news updates from a variety of sources via your personal computer, providing you with the most up-to-date and in-depth coverage.
51. According to the writer, ­__________________
              A.    people's life can be changed by the media.
B.    newspapers,magazines, televisions, radios are all the mass media.
C.     people can only get news from the paper.
D.   radio talk shows cover thorough issues.
52.According to the passage, the media __________________________
A.    spreads not only news but also entertainment to audiences.
B.     investigates news reports that will be covered.
C.     only distributes hard news to people.
D.    consists of news and information all over the world.
53. Which one of the following is not a responsibility of editors?
  A. Judge the writings and researches.           B. Assign tasks.
        C. Write reports on the stories.                   D. Decide when and where tile sto­ries run.
54.The word 'browsers" in line 15 refers to _________________________
A. programs used by computers for doing particular jobs.
B. people who look for information on the Internet.
C. people who design the Web.
D. computer programs that allow users to look at and search through infor­mation on the Internet.
55.An advantage of Internet news reports is that _______________________
A. they can be constantly updated.
B. they link news from various news services.
C. they provide a variety of information.
D. they can be put onto the personal computer.
Choose the best option (a, b, c, or d) to complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.
56.  It's nearly twenty years since my father saw his brother.
       My father ________________________________________    
A. saw his brother for nearly twenty years.
B. has seen his brother for nearly twenty years.
C. didn't see his brother nearly twenty years ago.
D. hasn't seen his-brother for nearly twenty years.
57. Although he was seriously ill, he was determined to finish his work.
        In spite of ________________________________________
       A.the serious ill, he was determined to finish his work.
       B.be ill seriously, he was determined to finish his work.
       C.his serious illness, he was determined to finish his work.
D. he was ill seriously, he was determined to finish his work.
58. When did you last ride a bike?
       How long ___________________________________________
       A.have you ridden a bike?                                    B.is it since you rode a bike?
       C.is it since you have got a bike-ride?               D.have you been riding a bike?
59. Seeing Nelson Mandela will always stay in my memory.
       I ___________________________________________________
A. will never forget to see Nelson Mandela.
B. never will forget seeing Nelson Mandela.
C. will never forget seeing Nelson Mandela.
D. never forget when I saw Nelson Mandela.
60. I've still got the camera because no one has claimed it.
       I've still got the camera __________________________________         
       A. because it hasn't been claimed.                                        
       B.because of not claiming on it.
       C.because of no claim has been made on it.
       D.because it has been claimed by no one

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