Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 6

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 Choose the wordwhose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group:
1.      A.anxious             B.convenient           C. excursion               D. formation
2.      A. lotus                  B. guitar                   C. peaceful                  D. glorious
3.      A.spacious           B. visit                      C. campfire                 D. soundly
4.      A.persuade          B.  permit                 C. delicious                 D. sunburn
5.      A.occasional       B. geography            C. information            D. participant
6.      A.resort               B. request                 C. progressive            D. fortunate
Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group:
7.      A. banana                B. classmate                C. pagoda           D. camera
8.      A. worse                B. world                       C. sword              D. worm
9.      A. husband             B. button                     C. circus               D. funny
10.    A. excursion         B.sunburn                  C. nurse                 D. picture
11.    A. caves                B.marks                      C.exams               D.days
Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each sentence:
12. I know that he __________ in the library at this moment.
         A. works                    B. has worked             C. is working       D. was working
13.There are a lot of black clouds in the sky. It __________  soon.
          A. israining            B. will haverained     C. is going to rain      D. will rain
14. By the time he arrived,all his classmates __________
          A.would leave        B. were leaving           C. left                     D. had left
15. I work from Tuesday to Saturday, and Sunday and Monday are my __________.
          A. working days       B. days out                  C.breaks                D. days off
16.The cottage is surrounded by the most glorious countryside.
          A. ordinary               B.honorable               C. beautiful            D. gloomy
17. Your tour includes a one-day __________ to the Grand Canyon by air.
          A. camping              B.travel                       C. excursion            D. visit
18. The cheese is soft and white and absolutely __________.      
          A. tasteful                B.glorious                   C. delicious           D. interesting
19. He did finally come with us, although it took a long time to  __________ him.
          A. believe                 B. permit                      C.persuade           D. take
20. This town is a popular __________for art lovers.
          A. destination          B. arrival                     C.department          D. visitation
21. Don't throw away the __________ .We can have them for supper.
          A. sundeck               B. photos                     C.food                   D. leftovers
22. Tom and I __________ to Mary’s birthday party together.
         A. amgoing              B. are going                 C. will go               D. go
23. It will __________ rain later so we should go and have our picnic now.
         A.preferable            B. probably                  C. likely               D. usually
24. The school prepares students for a wide range of  __________ qualifications.
          A.profess                B.professional           C.  profession       D.professionally
25. She __________ sixteen years old next Saturday.
         A. is                          B. is going to               C. will be                 D. has      
26. I __________ our teacher tomorrow, so I shall give him your note.
         A. have seen           B. going to see            C. shall have seen      D. am seeing
27. Our class __________ a picnic at Thay Pagoda this Sunday.
         A. am having           B. will has                   C. is going to have     D. go to have
28. Look! The bus ____________________.
          A. will come             B. is coming      C. will be coming        D. is going to come
29. “Are Alice and Tom still living in New York?" – “No, they __________ to Dallas.”
          A.are moving.                B. had already moved                              
          C.have just moved         D. will moved
Choose the underlined part that needs correction.
30.I'll fly to Mars next week. I've already gotten ticket.
        A       B                          C                    D
31.The rock formations in the Valley of Fire in Nevada has been worn into many strange
                                                                                A              B                        C
shapes by the action of wind and water.
32.Have you heard the news? The President has been shooting!
        A                          B                                  C        D
33.The girl whom you met last night was used to be a singer.
       A             B                                            C         D
They are going to have to leave soon, and so do we.
                       A                           B                    C      
35.Don’t forget posting
the letter I gave you
         A                    B        C                D
Read the following passage carefully, and then select
the best option A, B, C or D to complete it:
Hi everyone.
I've been in Paris for over a week now
and I'm having a great (36) ……….. In the first few days I did quite a lot of
(37)………..  the Eiffel Tower.
Notre Dame. and all the usual tourist attractions. Most places are absolutely
……….  with tourists, so yesterday I
decided to have a (39) ……….round the shops.
Today I've been to a couple of interesting  art (40) ……….. I got (41)…………..on my way back to the hotel, but it didn't matter
because I discovered a really fascinating (42) ……….with lots of little stalls, selling  just about everything from apples to
I ate in the hotel the
first night but usually I (43) …………….for
dinner – the restaurants are great and I can get a set meal for less than 25
euros. I’m afraid I've (44) ………. a lot of money, but it's
a great place. You'll be able to see for yourself (45) ………. I get back – I've taken
lots of photos.
I hope you're all well. I'll write again next week.
36. A. visit                   B. holiday               C. trip                  D. excursion
37. A. viewing             B. sightseeing        C. looking           D. landscape
38. A. took                  B. stayed                 C. packed            D. full
39. A. look                  B. visit                    C. day-off            D. walking
40. A. exhibits            B. castles                C. concerts          D.
41. A. left                   B. loss                     C. lost                   D.
42. A.
temple             B. palace                 C.
cathedral           D. market
43. A. go
out              B. leave                   C. call                    D.
stay in
44. A. paid                  B. spent                  C. lost                    D.
A. until                  B. while                  C.
after                  D. when
the passage carefully, then choose the one best answer A, B, C or D.
For the last few months
I have spent every Saturday in my flat and have done nothing more exciting than
work at home, read the newspapers and watch television. I had begun feeling,
bored with this and so, last weekend I though I would do something different. I
rang up several of my friends and we decided to go to London for the day. I was really excited as I
hadn't been to London
since I was ten. We decided to go by coach as this was by far the cheapest
means of transport that was available even though it meant that we needed to
get up very early. Once in London
we decided to take a sightseeing tour as we wanted to see some of the famous
buildings. After the tour we bought some sandwiches and ate them in a small
park. In the afternoon two of us went shopping and the others went to the
theater. We met up again at 6:30 p.m. and went to a small restaurant in Soho. The meal was really good but, unfortunately, it
took much longer than we had expected. We had to get a taxi back to the coach
station. Luckily, we got there just two minutes before our coach left.
According to the passage the writer __________.
usually spends his weekend at home.          
B. went to London
with some of his friends.
has lived in London
for ten years.                D. feels bored
with his life.
47. He felt so excited about going to
London because
   A. he hadn't been
there before.    B. he hadn't been there
for ten years.
he went there ten years ago.       D. he
hadn't been there for a long time.
48. Why did they decide to go by
Because it was available.                                                     
B. Because they wanted to start
Because other means of transport were more expensive.
Because it was one of the most efficient means of transport.
49. Which of the following is true?
A. They
all went shopping before going to theater. 
B. They
made a sightseeing tour of London
and then had lunch.
C. They
had lunch in a small restaurant.                  
D. They
left the city at 6:30 p.m.
50. It can be inferred from the text
that __________.     
A. they
nearly missed the coach because of the meal.          
B. they didn't enjoy the meal in the
restaurant very much.
C. the
coach had already left when they got to the station.    
D. they missed the coach and had to
take a taxi back.


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