Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 5

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Choose  the correct answer to each of the questions
wasn’t worried when my son bought a computer. After all lots of children have
parents who don’t understand computers. But when my secretary asked me for a
computer in the office, I really became worried. So I decided to take some
lessons in computing and my son became my teacher. He was very helpful. He
invited me to sit down in front of the computer screen. I did not know what it
was called. When I asked him what it was, he said that it was a VDU. I still
didn’t know what a VDU was, but I was too shy to ask him any more. From that
moment my memory refused to learn because he told me a lot of things that I
really didn’t understand at all. After a few lessons I began to feel tired. I
made an excuse, saying that I had a headache. I suggested we should leave the
lesson for another day. Since then I haven’t said anything about the computer
to my son and my secretary.                           
1. What did the writer decide to do
when his secretary asked him to buy a
computer in the office?
          A.  To take some
lessons in computing                 B.  To refuse to learn     
          C.  To buy a new computer                                      D.  To sit down
2. Who bought a computer?
          A.  The writer’s son        B.  The teacher     C.  The writer     D.  The secretary
3. What did the writer say when he
began to feel tired?
. “ I still didn’t know”                     B.“
I had a headache”    
“ I haven’t said anything”              D. “ I didn’t understand”
4. Why the writer didn’t understand
the lessons?
          A.  Because he was too shy to ask.             B    Because he had a headache.     
          C.  Because he was lazy.                              D    Because he was worried.
5. VDU is  ______.
. a floppy disk                                           B.  a computer screen.   
. a keyboard                                               D.  a printer
Choose  the correct word(s)
for each of the blanks
A computer is an electronic ___(6)___, which executes
software programs. It consists __(7)__ 2 parts hardware and ­­__(8)__ . The
computer processes input through input devices like mouse and keyboard. The
computer displays output through output devices like color monitor and printer.
The size of a computer varies considerably from very __(9)__ to very big. The
speed of computers also has a very large range. Computers have become
indispensable in today’s world. __(10)___ of people use computers all over the
6.         A. device        B.
computer                  C.
monitor              D.
7.         A. for              B.
with                           C.
of                        D.
8.         A. mouse        B.
keyboard                   C.
screen                D.
9.         A. slim            B.
small                        C.
large                    D.
10.       A. Millions    B.
Thousands                C.
Hundreds             D. None
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in
each of the following questions.
11.       A. printer                B.
dial              C.
visual               D.
12.       A. camcorder         B.
computer     C.
insert               D.
13.       A. wanted               B.
helped           C.
laughed           D.
14.       A. kitchen              B. children         C. chemistry       D. purchase 
15.       A. chooses            B. houses         C. horses                D. likes
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the
16.       A.
camcorder     B.
keyboard         C.
hardware           D.
17.       A.
passion           B. require           C. insert                 D. invent
18.       A.
entertainment       B. appropriate          C. miraculous         D. exactly
19.       A.
scenic                    B. receive                C. prepare               D. produce
20.       A.
invention               B. electronic          C.
performance         D.
Choose the correct answer to each of
the following questions.
21. The computer can process the _______ quickly.
            A. language               B. information                      C.
entertainment     D.
22. The computer can_______ houses, bridges gardens
and building.
store                      B. transmit                             C. hold                  D. design
23. You can contact with the others by sending
________ from your computer to theirs.
programmes         B. participants                      C. calculations        D. messages
24. I turn on the ________ because it is very hot
radio              B. electric
cooker           C. air conditioner        D.
fax machine
25. “magical” means “___________”
link or act together                                  B.
in a strange or mysterious way 
programmes performed by the computer    D.
the physical part of the computer system.
26. The computer is _______ of doing almost anything
you ask it to.
capable                 B. magical                  C. perfect         D. miraculous
27. With a computer, you can visit many places of
scenic ________ in the world.
beautiful               B. beautify                 C. beauty          D. beautifully
28. He comes from a very remote area in the North. I
am sure that he is _______ of using computers.
incapable              B. capable            C. capability        D. incapability
29. David can make an airplane appear and disappear
            A. magic                     B. magically         C. magical         D. magic’s    
30. I don’t like to be asked             such _______ questions in the job interview.
person                   B. personal            C. personality    D. personalities
31. She is very _______ in playing computer games
online. It is not a good habit.
interest                  B. interested           C. interesting      D. interests
32. Instead of buying newspapers as usual, my father
reads them ______ computers everyday.
            A. at               B. on                    C. in                   D. from
33. Computers can store very large amounts ________ information.
            A. of              B. about              C. with                 D. off
34. Can you tell me what a cell phone is used
about       B. in                      C. to                    D. for
35. The man, _______ is sitting in front of the
computer, is my former teacher.
who         B. whom               C. which              D. that
36. _______ a phone with the public telephone, you
will need a phone card.
Make    B. To make              C. Making          D. Made
37. You should dial 113 ______ the police when you
have trouble.
call       B. calling               C. to call               D. called
38. The lifeguard says: “_______ far from the shore.
It is very dangerous, boys!”
Swim         B. Not swim        C. Doesn’t swim      D. Don’t swim
39. In the instructions on how to use a public
telephone, you can read the sentence: “ _____ the receiver and listen to the
dial tone”
lift                          B. to lift           C. lifted                  D. lifting
40. The new bridge _________ for 2 years.
builds                    B. has built        C. is built               D. has been built
41. The pupil ________the assignment.
    A. has
completed just      B. has just
completed   C. just has completed   D. has just complete 
42. Nam
has not _______phoned me since he moved to London last year.
            A. be                           B. being         C. been                       D. X
43. Many trees in this forest have been _______ down
for wood and farming.
cut                          B. to cut         C. cutting                  D. cutted
44. She always turns ______ all the lights before
going out with her friends.
off                          B. of            C. on                            D. with
45. My family / live / Ben Tre / twenty years.
            A. My
family have lived in BenTre for twenty years.
B. My  family
have live in Ben Tre twenty years.
            C. My
family have been lived in Ben Tre for twenty years.
            D. My
family have lived Ben Tre for twenty years.
46. Tom hasn’t returned my books yet.
            A. My books hasn’t been returned by
Tom yet.
B. My books haven’t been returned yet by Tom.
            C. My books haven’t been returned by
Tom yet.
D. My books haven’t been returned Tom yet.
47. Their hands / wash and dry / on a towel.
Their hands have washed and dry on a towel.
B. Their hands have been washed and dry on a towel.
Their hands have been wash and dried on a towel.
Their hands have been washed and dried on a towel.
48. Lan tells me about the man. She hit him on the way
home yesterday.
Lan, who hit him on the way home yesterday, tells me about the man.
Lan tells me about the man whom she hit on the way home yesterday.
Lan tells me about the man whom she hit him on the way home yesterday.
Lan tells me about the man who hit him on the way home yesterday.
49. She has done her assignment in the room since two
Her assignment in the room has been done since two o’clock.
Her assignment has been done in the room by she since two o’clock.
Her assignment has been done in the room since two o’clock by her.
Her assignment has been done in the room since two o’clock.
50. A fridge / be / machine / use / keeping food
            A. A
fridge is a machine which is used for keeping food fresh. 
            B. A
fridge is a machine which is used keeping food fresh.
            C. A
fridge is a machine which used for keeping food fresh.

            D. A
fridge is a machine which is use for keeping food fresh.