Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10 – Unit 2

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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest
  1: A.son                  B. above           C. convenience              D. wonderful
  2: A.umbrella         B. cup               C. but                              D.put
  3: A.marvel            B. package        C. father                         D. guitar
  4: A.garage             B. married        C.father                         D. target 
5:  A.addition         B. important     C. master                        D. embarrass 
Choose the best option (A, B, C, or D)to complete the following passage:
Everyyear, students in many (6) _____learn English. (7) _____of these students are
young children. Others are teenagers. Many are adults. Some learn at school,
others study (8) _____ themselves. A few learn English just by (9) _____ the
language in films, (10) _____ television, in the office, or among their
friends. But not many are lucky to do that. Most people must work hard to learn
another language.
  6: A.
countries     B. homes           C.
house                     D.
  7: A.
None            B. Some            C. Any                        D.
  8: A.
for                B. with              C.
by                           D.
  9: A.
hear             B. heard             C.
to hear                   D.
  10: A.
on             B. at                    C.
in                            D.
Choose the best option (A, B, C, or D)
to complete the following sentences:
  11: A: “_____ will she spend her summer
         B: “In Hanoi.”
When          B. Where                    C. How           D.
With whom
  12: A: “What’s your favourite ______ at
         B: “English, of course.”
A. subject       B. topic                       C. lesson         D. theme
  13: His pronunciation causes me many _____.
A. difficult      B. difficulty              C. difficultly    D.
  14: A: “ _____novel are you reading?”
A. Who            B. Which                   C. Whose          D.
  15: We
look forward ________  the Olympics.
A. at watching      B.
to watching       C. with
watch    D. watching
  16: I
am interested ______ your class.
A. to take              B.
to taking           C. in taking       D. in took
  17: They
enjoy_______ movies.
A. watching          B.
watch                C. to watch       D. to watching
  18: I
need ______.
A. studying          B.
to study             C. in study        D. to studying                           
  19: We
agreed _____ together.
A. working           B.
to work            C. worked          D. to working
  20: She
refuses_____ to her mother
A. listen               B.
to listening      C. to
listen         D. listening
  21: I was delighted _____ my old friends
            A. to see                     B.
seeing               C.
saw                 D. be seen
  22: A: “How long will the seminar last?”
        B: “______.”
A. for 4 hours                                      B.
for 4 hour.
C. about 4 o’clock                               D.
since 4 hours.
  23: I remember__             him
said that he would come but he is absent now.

hear             B  to hear              C 
hearing                  D  heard

  24: The
criminal admits ______ the money.
A. on taking                    B.
take                        C. to take                               D. taking
  25: Most
girls have a very narrow view of the world, don’t you think?
A. limited                                    B.
tiny                                    C.
small                      D. poor
  26: Hung: “Thank you very much for a lovely
A. Cheers           B. Have a good day     C.
You’re welcome  D. Thanks
  27: A: “How _____do you go to the
         B: “Once a year”
A. often             B. long                        C.
far                            D.
  28: It’s no use ____to him about our
problem because he is never willing ____us.
A  to talk, help           B  talk, helping         C  talking, help       D 
talking, to help
  29: A sportsman needs ____calm under
A  remain          B  to remain             C  remaining          D  remained
  30: A: “How_____ is it from your house to the
        B: “About 2 kms”
A. fast               B. far                    C.
long                        D.
  31: The students in this class were made
_____ very hard.
A. learn             B. to learn             C.
learning                D. having learnt
  32: A: “What are they laughing at?”
        B: “ _____”
A. Sorry, I am fine.                           B.
Oh, I don’t like them 
C. Well, not at all.                            D.
Oh, It is about Henry’s jokes
  33: A: “Could you help me move this
television, please?”
        B: “ ______”
A. No, thanks.                                        B. Yes, of
C. No, I’m rather busy.                         D.
Yes, I am.
  34: How _____were you in the mountains?
A. long           B. far                      C.
old                    D.
  35: I regret _____ you that your application
has been denied.
A. inform       B. to have informed           C.
informing       D. to inform
Error identification
  36: I decided changing   jobs because my boss makes me  work overtime              
              A               B                                                  C               D
  37: In order to not forget things, I put a string around my
A             B    
  C                    D
  38: I succeeded
to find a job, so my parents  didn’t make me go to college.
B                                            C                    D
  39: Get more
exercise appears to be the best way  to lose weight.
        B      C                       D
  40: Let's
to watch so much TV so that we can read or go
out instead.
A              B                                                     C    
 Read the passage bellow, and then choose the
best option
       The relationship between a teacher and a
student can be good or bad, helpful or harmful. Either way, the relationship
can affect the students for the rest of his life.
In order to have a good teacher-student relationship,
it is important that the teacher and the student respect each other. If the
teacher is too strict, he frightens the student. The student will not learn
well. On the other hand, if the teacher is too friendly and permissive, the
student may become lazy and stop working hard. The teacher’s attitude and
approach should be between these two extremes. He should encourage the students
without forcing or punishing him to learn. He needs patience and understanding.
It is part of the teacher’s job to help develop a good positive attitude in his
students. As for the student, in order to have a good relationship with his
teacher, he must always show his proper respect. He should be eager to learn
and willing to work hard. If he learns from the teacher modestly, he will be
able to profit fully from his teacher’s knowledge and assistance.   
  41: The relationship between a teacher and a
student is considered very important because it _____.
can be either good or bad                         B.
it’s very harmful to the student
makes the student unsafe                                     D.
has great influence on the student’s life
  42: One of the most important factors for a
good teacher-student relationship is the mutual _____.
responsibility                     B. respect                   C.
support                  D.
  43: In order to have a good teacher-student
relationship, the teacher _____.
should force the student to learn                        B. needs patience and
should be too friendly and permissive               D. ought to strict
  44: In order to have a good teacher-student
relationship, the student _____.
must be a hard-working person                           B.
must always support the teacher 
must always be a gifted person                            D.
must always be an excellent person
According to the passage it’s true that _____.
the student always profit fully from his teacher 
the student must thank for his teacher’s knowledge and assistance
the student must always show his proper respect to his teacher 
the teacher himself needs to develop a good positive attitude
Choose the best option that has the same
meaning as the original sentence.
  46: We hope to receive a message from our
mutual friend, Susan.
We wish we received a message from our mutual friend, Susan.
We’re looking forward to receiving a message from our mutual friend, Susan.
Our mutual friend, Susan, whom we hope to receive a message.
Susan, who’s our mutual friend, is hoped to receive a message from.
  47: You should have read the instruction
What did you read the instruction carefully for?
Why should you read the instruction carefully?
How should you read the instruction?
Why didn’t you read the instruction carefully?
  48: We really do not want to hear your
explanation again.
Your explanation really makes us feel sorry.
We would rather not ask you to give any explanation again.
We are fed up with hearing your explanation again.   
We are extremely sorry for hearing your explanation again.  
  49: It’s a waste of time to persuade Johnny
to change his mind.
We spend mush time persuading Johnny to change his mind.
It takes us a lot of time to persuade Johnny to change his mind.
Persuading Johnny to change his mind is useful.
It’s worthless trying to persuade Johnny to change his mind.
  50: Minh wishes he had taken part in the
English competition last week.
Minh really enjoyed attending the English competition last week.
Minh would never mind not attending the English competition last week.
Minh now regrets not having attended the English competition last week.  
Not attending the English competition last week was Minh’s big mistake.  


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