Topic 53: Water is important for all living things

Water is important for all living things. Do you agree or disagree? Give your reasons.

Without water no living thing on the earth could survive. We need water To quench our thirst. water our lands to grow crops or to keep the animals and fowls in our homes alive. Even the plants and insects in all parts in the world need water to live. 

We also need water to produce electricity and to carry our goods or trade. Electricity is very important for our comforts today. Almost everything that we use in our homes today depends on the use of electricity. In the same way, water also helps to transport many or the goods that we need for our homes. Ships, rafts and boats carry many things from distant lands and help to exchange goods between one country and another. Transport by water is easier and cheaper than by air or land. 
But water has also caused much sorrow and hardship in all parts of the world floods and heavy rains have destroyed crops, lives and property through the centuries and caused much sorrow everywhere. 
Yet, water is so important that all living things, including the tiniest of creatures, will continue to struggle to get it whenever or wherever they can.