Topic 54: The value of education

The value of education
Briefly, education means the acquisition of knowledge and abilities, and the development of one's character and mental
powers by systematic training and instruction. Education is therefore of great value to any person. 

It has been realized that a person without education is deprived of many benefits. He not only lacks the knowledge of human affairs but also the ability to appreciate the value of many of the things that concern his own welfare. Thus, he is not able to contribute his full share to the progress of society and the world. Neither is he able to develop his personality to the fullest extent. 
One of the greatest benefits of education is that it helps a person to understand the position that he occupies in society. It helps him to speak and conduct himself with confidence and dignity which earn him the respect and admiration of others. Thus, he occupies an important position in society, and people look up to him as their leader. 
Another benefit of education today is that it helps one to secure lucrative employment. In the world of today, almost every kind of employment requires some understanding of a few basic principles of science, mathematics, economics, engineering, accountancy or some other subjects on the part of the worker. Thus, the better education a person has better prospects he has of securing attractive positions in the various professions. 
Finally, education makes a person sympathetic and considerate towards others. He is helpful to those who need his advice and guidance, and is not critical of those who commit offences or mistakes out of ignorance or necessity. Further, he does not like to hurt the feelings of others. Even if he is extremely provoked, he tries to express his displeasure or anger in words which give the slightest offence to others and yet express his outraged feelings adequately. 
As a result of all these qualities that a person acquires through education, he becomes a very pleasant person to associate with. He thus lives a fuller life in socially. 
1. briefly(adv): một cách vắn tắt, ngắn gọn
2. acquisition (n): sự giành được, sự thu được
3. deprive (v): lấy đi, tước đi
4 . dignity ( n ): phẩm giá, nhân cách, lòng tự trọng
5. lucrative (adi): có lợi, sinh lợi
5. accountancy (n): nghề kế toán 
7. prospects (n. plu.): khả năng thành công, triển vọng
8. offence (n): sự phạm tội
9. ignorance(n): ngu dốt
10. provoke (v): khiêu khích, chọc tức
11. adequately (adv): tương xứng, thích đáng, thoả đáng
12. associate (v): kết giao, giao thiệp