Đề thi Học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh 6 – Đề 9

I.Chọn một từ có cách đọc khác trong mỗi nhóm từ sau:
1. A. knees                    B.weak                  C.drink               D. motorbike
2. A.house                      B.hand                  C.hour                  D.horse

3. A.takes                      B.stops                 C.writes               D.travels
4. A.beff                         B.of                       C.left                   D.office
5. A.tenth                       B.math                  C.with                  D.theater
6. A.bean                        B.bread                 C.weak              D.pea
 II.Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc:
1. Every evening, my father (watch) T.V, but this evening he (read) a book.
2. Look! Your friend, Lan (cut) flowers in the garden.
3. I’d like (have) some meat and some bread for breakfast.
4. (Not sleep) when your teacher is teaching.
5. What about (play) basketball this afternoon? 
 III. Sử dụng từ gợi ý trong ngoặc để viết lại các câu sau sao cho nghĩa không đổi:
1. How old is your sister? (AGE)
2. Trung is Mr Binh’s son. (FATHER)
3. Lan has a round face. (IS) 
4. My sister is traveling to Ho Chi Minh City by plane. (FLYING)
5. This box has twelve packets of tea. (DOZEN)
6. Let’s listen to some múic. (DON’T)
 IV.Viết câu hỏi cho những câu trả lời sau:
1. Miss Hoa goes to the movies once a week.
2. I’d like some coffee fỏ breakfast.
3.The student are playing in the garden now.
4. My father travels to work by bus every morning.
5.We are going to stay at our friend’s house for two day.
 V.Sắp xếp các từ xáo trộn sau thành câu hoàn chỉnh:
1. and/like/dozen/a/pencils/colored/I/would/of/box/a/chalk.
2. the/left/hóue/front/of/hotel,/in/and/next/restaurant/the/to/my/is/the/to.
3. fine/weather/the/when/often/is/we/for/go/picnic/the/in/a/coủnty.
4. parents/work/to/motorbike/Lan’s/usually/today/but/by/traveling/bus/by/travel/are/they.
5. often/you/do/you/friends/how/go/and/swimming/in/swimming/the/pool?
Gợi ý đáp án:
I. 1.A             2.C              3.D              4.B             5.C                6.B
II. 1.watches; is reading
2. is cutting
3. to have
4. don’t sleep
5. playing
III. 1. What your sister’s age?
2. Mr Binh is Trung’s father.
3. Lan’s face is round.
4. My sister is flying to Ho Chi Minh City.
5. This box is has a dozen packets of tea.
6. Why don’t we listen to music.
IV. 1. How often does miss Hoa go to the movies?
2. What would you like for breakfast?
3. What are the students doing in the garden now?
4. How does your father travels to work?
5. How long are you going to stay at your friend’s house?
V.1. I would like a dozen colored pencils and a box of chalk.
2. My house is to the left of next to the hotel and in front of the restaurant.
3. When the weather is fine, we often go for a picnic in the country.
4. Lan’s parent usually travel to work by motokike but today, they are traveling by bus.
5. How often do you and your friends go swimming in the swimming pool?