Topic 45: The things I dislike the most

The things I dislike the most 

There are many things that most people dislike. The things that I dislike the most are noise, crowds and laziness. 

Noise disturbs me greatly. This is why I do not like to live in a city where noise predominates. From dawn till mid-night, vehicles run to and for in the city to make the place extremely noisy. The noise is further increased by the voices of thousands of people engaged in all kinds of activity and the sounds of other things such as busy factories and machines. For this reason, the very thought of going to a city, even for a short visit, is distasteful to me. 
In the same way, I also dislike crowds. Crowds make movement difficult. If a place is crowded, it is not easy to move about or do any work. If we are in a hurry to go somewhere, a crowd can delay our progress. 
A crowd can also interfere with our enjoyment of sights and visits. For example, if we go with others to places like the museum and the zoo, we may not be able to enjoy looking at the things around because of the constant fear of losing sight of the others with us, especially if they are small. 
Finally, I dislike laziness because I feel that a lazy person is always a burden not only to his parents but also to others. By refusing to do any work he compels others to work for his comforts. Sometimes even a weak and poor person has to struggle to provide for a strong and healthy man who will not exert himself only because he is lazy. Such a person is certainly inconsiderate and ill-mannered towards others. As long as he gets what he needs and wants, he does not care what others think of him. I hate to see such a person, even if he is my own brother or father. 
These arguments explain why I hate the things that I mentioned above. 
1. laziness (n): sự lười biếng, tính lười biếng
2. predominate (v): chiếm ưu thế, vượt trội
3. run to and fro (v): đi đi, lại lại 
4. distasteful (adj): khó chịu, không vừa ý
5. interfere (v): gây trở ngại
6. constant (adj): không ngớt, không dứt, liên miên
7. burden (n): gánh nặng
8. compel (v): bắt buộc, ép buộc, thúc ép
9. inconsiderate (adj): thiếu ân cần, thiếu chu đáo, thiếu quan tâm
10. argument (n): lý lẽ, luận cứ