Topic 44: How I spend my time after school

How I spend my time after school
As I am now preparing for an important examination which will be held at the end of this year, I spend most of my time reading my books. There are, however, a few other things that I sometimes do during my leisure. 

As soon as I reach home everyday after school. I have my lunch quickly in order to have as much time as possible to read my books. Eating quickly is not good for health but I have to pass my examination. Therefore, the more I am able to read the more certain I can be of passing my examination. It is for this reason that I read my books for about two hours after lunch everyday. 

After reading in the afternoon, I have my bath and then a cup of tea. Having done these, I go out to my friend's house nearby and discuss our lessons for about an hour with my friend. Sometimes we go for a walk and as we do so, we talk mainly about our lessons. My friend is very good at her lessons and she explains many of the things that I do not understand clearly in school. 
Sometimes, however, I remain at home to help my mother in the kitchen, especially if we expect some visitors. I must admit that I enjoy doing such work, as it helps me to learn how to prepare a good meal. I have already learned how to make some delicious cakes by helping my mother. There are times when I spend some time working in our vegetable garden. My parents have planted
many varieties of vegetables, and I help them to water the plants so that they may grow well. Further, I also spend some time decorating my house, when I feel that things in my house have become too dull to look at. At night, I study my lesson again, and go to bed late after dinner. Thus, my time after school is spent in a variety of way. 
1 prepare (v): chuẩn bị
2. leisure (n): thời gian rỗi
3. delicious (adj): ngon
4. decorate (v): trang hoàng, trang trí