Bài luận Tiếng Anh 9 – Unit 1

Soạn bài online – Tiếng Anh 9
(Write a composition,( essay) about 80-100 words)
 Unit 1: 

1:A visit to HCM city
2. A trip to the countryside
3. A letter from
4. Talk about your close friend
1. A visit ( a trip) to HCM city
Every year my family have a visit to somewhere. Last summer was not exception. My parents took us to HCM city on Sunday .
Our journey started at about 4:00 AM on that day. My father hired a car to go because going by car was both faster and more comfortable.
Two hours later, we arrived in HCM city. The thing that surprised me was that there were too people and too much traffic on the streets. The buildings were high and beautiful.
First, the driver took us to the zoo where there were animals, birds, fish and hippos, monkeys. It’s interesting to look at monkeys eating bananas. Then we went to Tao Dan botanical garden where there were lots of shadows . It’s comfortable to go for a walk there. After that we went to Reunification Palace where colonel Nguyen Thanh Trung bombed in 1975.While I was looking at interesting furniture in this building suddenly I heard a loud voice behind me , it’s was my father’s voice. He told that it was time to go home.
We hurried to return to parking lot. The driver took us come back home,. I arrived home at 6:00 PM . 
I felt happy and enjoyed that trip very much. I hope I will have a chance to go to HCM again some next summer.
2. A visit (a trip) to the countryside
Every year whenever summer comes I usually have a visit to somewhere. Last Summer was not exception. Last Summer my class held a visit to Ngu hiep village on Sunday.
On that day I got up very early. We went there by bike. When we rode on the road , we saw many tall trees, beautiful houses, people . What a lovely sight!
It took me about 20 minutes to go there. Before reaching Ngu Hiep village I had a chance to sit on the ferry crossing Tien river. The water in the river is very clean and crystal.
When reaching I felt comfortable. The air was fresh and cool there. There were a lot of fruits there such as durians, plum, mango, …Especially, durians are very delicious in Ngu Hiep villages.
Then my friend, Lan took us to her uncle’s house and we had lunch there. We also went a walk around . The sights were wonderful there .People were very friendly and hospitable.
And finally it’s time for us to go home. We came home at about 5:00 PM . I felt happy and enjoyed that trip very much. I hope I will have a chance to come back there again next year.
3. A letter from…..
I arrived in Nha Trang at 4:00 AM yesterday morning. Thanh met me at the train station and then he took me home by his motorbike.
Nha Trang is a quiet and beautiful city. It has a long coastline with beautiful white 
sandy beaches. 
I went to the beach very early this morning and enjoyed the sunrise far out in the sea. Yesterday morning Thanh and Hoai took me to the Tri Nguyen Aquarium. It’s very interesting to see many different kind of fish and sea creatures. 
I’ve also visited many interesting places like Cham Temple, Aquarium, Pasteur Institute. 
I’ve taken part in some fascinating out door activities: mud bathing snorkeling and scuba diving. Tomorrow we are going to spend the evening visiting a fishing village where we can get a taste of the local seafood.
I feel so happy and enjoy myself so much. The people here are so nice and friendly, the food is excellent and the sights are very beautiful. I’ll leave Nha Trang at 4PM on Saturday and will arrive home at 5AM on Sunday. Please pick me up at the train station 


4. Talk about your close friend

At school I have a lot of friends but my close friend is Nam.
Nam is tall and handsome. He is the same age as me. He is my classmate. His house is near my house. 
Nam is very friendly and helpful. He often helps me with difficult problem whenever I need. Nam studies very well. He always gets good marks.
Nam is not only a good boy at school but also a good son in his family. He usually does chores to help his mother. He is loved very much by his teachers, parents, and friends. They are always proud of him. 
Nam is in deed my close friend. I like him very much, I hope my friendship lasts forever.