Bài luận Tiếng Anh 9 – Unit 5

Unit 5: – Do in free time
12. Watch TV
13. Read book
14. Go for a walk

– Favorite media
15. Television
16. Internet
17. Newspapers, articles
18. Advantages of Internet
19. Disadvantages of Internet
 What do you do in your free time? 
Everyone has own hobby in their free time. Some like reading . Others like going for a walk. For me, I like watching television in my free time because of the following reasons.
What is your favorite media? 
Nowadays there are a lot of media in life. Some likes reading newspapers. Others like accessing the Internet. For me I like watching television because of the following reasons.
Firstly, watching television gives us information about every aspect in our life. It helps us know what is happening everywhere all over the world and widen our knowledge .
Secondly, watching television is a cheap mean for relaxing .It’s comfortable to watch interesting film or listen to music at home. 
Nextly, through watching television we can know how to protect our health thanks to health program for everyone. 
In conclusion, watching TV is an useful form of relaxing. But we shouldn’t spend much time watching it we should take more time for our study.
What is your favorite media?
Advantage of the internet
As you know nobody can deny the benefits of the internet in our modern life. In deed, the internet brings us the following benefits.
Firstly, the internet is a source of information. It is a very fast and convenient way for us to get information about every aspect from our daily life to scientific fields.
Secondly, by using internet we can relax after a hard working day. We can listen to interesting music, favorite songs , enjoy exciting football matches, films, games or read newspaper on line.
Besides by using internet we can communicate with our friends and relatives through chatting or using email.
Finally, thanks to internet we can have education but we don’t have to go to school or colleges because Internet helps us have on line school, on line lessons and self taught.
In conclusion, the internet is very useful for us. However, we shouldn’t spend too much time for it and we should be careful while surfing the web.
Disadvantage of the internet
Nobody can deny that the internet brings us a lot of advantages. However, it also gives us lots of the following disadvantages.
Firstly, It takes us time to use. We must spend hours getting information. Besides we also spend money accessing it.
Secondly, if we use the internet, our personal information such as our name, address can be accessed by the others
Nextly, there are lots of bad programs on the internet such as sexual films, motor- races, violent films. These programs can be easily found and badly influence on the children.
In conclusion, all of us should be aware of that internet is very useful for us but it also has lots of disadvantages so while surfing the web be alert!