Bài luận Tiếng Anh 9 – Unit 8

Unit 8: Mom or dad‘s day
Write a passage about if it’s necessary to have a day for dad and another for mom? Why?

This morning I just learned a lesson about father’s Day. It was really interesting. In Vietnam, however, people do not celebrate. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. In my opinion. It’s necessary to have a day to celebrate for mom and another for dad.
There are lots of reasons for celebrating these days but the main reasons are the children will have a special day to express their feelings , their memories and their love to their parents. In addition , we’ll have an opportunity to enhance family traditions as well as a chance to get members of families together in order to bring them closer.
I think Sunday is the most suitable day for celebrating . It is free from work or study.
It’s not necessary to have parties but it’s a good idea to have lunch or dinner with all family members. In this special day, children should serve their parents with food they like best and offer them flowers, cakes or special gift and cards.
I believe my idea will be supported and the day for our parents will be celebrated nationwide someday.

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