Đề thi Học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh 6 – Đề 3

Which is the odd one out:

* Exercise1:  Choose the words that has the underlined part  pronounced differently:
1.     A. now                 B.how                  C. cow                 D. show
2.     A. lead                  B. great                C.seat                  D. eat

3.     A. so                    B.show                C. who                 D. though
4.     A. think                B. thank               C.that                  D. three
5.     A. door                 B. zoo                   C.fool                  D. soon
6.     A. worry              B. sorry                C.come                D. ton
7.     A. easy                 B. dear                   C. meat               D. seat
8.     A. bed                  B.decide              C. get                    D. general
9.     A. early                B. weather            C.heavy               D. head
10.                        A. one                 B.song                 C. sorry                D. long
11.                        A. teachers          B. thanks              C.pupils              D. farmers
12.                        A. foot                 B. door                 C.good                D. book
13.                        A. teeth               B.thin                  C. mother             D. math
14.                        A. gymnast                   B. vegetable                   C. dangerous        D. Geography
15.                        A. black               B. work                C.knee                 D. look
16.                        A. young             B. house               C.our                            D.trousers
17.                        A. cool                B.good                C. room                D. look
18.                        A. watches          B. brushes            C.classes             D. lives
19.                        A. station            B.question           C. invitation                   D. intersection
20.                        A. chest               B. school              C.lunch                D. bench
* Exercise2:  Choose the words that has the underlined part  pronounced differently
1. grow       throw                   pagoda                 cow
2.destroy    collect                   forest          market
3.tube                   student                 music          ruler
4.meat                  beef             bread          tea
5.white                 hotel           hour            why
6.weather    thick           father          brother
7.skip                   citadel                   finally                   fishing
8.cold                   orange                  box             strong
9.winters     cameras      eggs            watches
10.camp      apple          range           cat
* Exercise 3:  Choose the words that has the underlined part  pronounced differently
1. A.  chair
B. school
C. couch
D. children
2. A. game
B. change
C. vegetable
D. geography
3. A. intersetion
B. eraser
C. bookstrore
D. history
4. A. tenth
B. tooth
C. brother
D. theater
5. A. boot
B. tooth
C. food
D. flood
6. A. usually
B. thirsty
C. fly
D. hungry
7. A. read
B. teacher
C. ahead
D. eat
8. A. face
B. small
C. grade
D. late
9. A. twice
B. swim
C. skip
D. picnic
10. A. bottle
B. job
C. chocolate
D. movie
* Exercise 4: What is odd one out?
1.is              am              open           are
2.home                 goodbye      thanks                  hello
3.engineer   doctor                   nurse           teach
4.country    city             live              school
5.classroom          big              small           nice
6.sixth                  seven          eighth                   tenth
7.seventy    sixty           third            fourteen
8.what                  where                   how            answer
9.my           his               nice             your
10count      come           vocabulary  close
11.greeting  morning      afternoon    stand
12.eraser     teacher                  player                   worker
13.armchair          couch          family                   bench
14.brush     wash           listen           teach
15.geography       housework  history                  volleyball
16.behind    between      yard            opposite
17.noisy      bus              taxi             bike
18.roadsign businessman         traffic
light  straight ahead
19.noisy      quiet           fast             worst
20.blue                 dark            thin             brown
21.face                  strong                   light            heavy
22.nose       chest           fat               toe
23.when      where                   were            how
24.man                 fan              fat               table
25.happy    fly               sky              dry
26.that                  make           take             cake
27.find                  thing           nine             wine
28.gun                  fun              sun              june
29.call                  fall              shall            wall
30.clown     down          own            town
31.above     glove           love             move
32.cow                 show           know          throw
33.clear       dear            hear            pear
34.thank     that             this             those
35.cost                 most           post            roast
36.arm                  charm                   farm            warm
37.come      home           some           none
38.cow                 now            how            show
39.name      classmate    paper          thank
40.hi           fine             night           children
41.old                   morning      bingo          hello
42.clock      teacher                  studnt                   school
43.nurse      doctor                   engineer      classmate
44.school    teacher                  house          classroom
45.name      family                   class            open
46.small      big              fine             student
47.grade      class            city             school
48.get                   country       wash           go
49.third       twelve                   eleven                   nine
50.math      history                  timetable     literature
51.game      soccer                   volleyball    housework
52.Friday    Monday      Tuesday      Today
53.do          homework  watch                   listen
54.dinner    shower                 breakfast     luch
55.lake                 river            factory                  well
56.near                 opposite     between      temple
57.beautiful bakery                  drugstore    bookstore
58.play                 ride             bike             drive
59.doctor    hospital      teacher                  businessman
60.dangerous        road            sign             intersection
61.apple     orange                  juice            banana
62.milk       meat            tea               coffee
63.carrot     tomato                  lettuce                   chicken
64.want      thirsty                  cold             favorite
65.tea                   oil               soda            milk
66.beef                 fish             chicken       soap
67.tent                  kite             swim           stove
68.always   often           early           usually
69.one                  twice           three           four
70.boring    morning      interesting   exciting
* Exercise 5: Choose one word which is
different from the others.
1. A. working         B. crossing            C. something         D. traveling
2. A. train               B. ride                                               C. bus                   D. car
3. A. teacher           B. doctor               C. driver                D. soccer
4. A. are                  B. for                  C. with               D. at
5. A. peas                     B. mushrooms                         C. eggs                            D. beans 
6. A. wine                    B. beer                                     C. lemonade                    D. whisky
7. A. sausage               B. juice                                    C. soda                            D. coffee
8. A. month                 B. fifth                                      C.ninth                          D. eighth
9. A. farmer                 B.  driver                                   C. flower                       D. writer
10. A. coke           B. milk                 C. sode                 D. full
11. A. carrot                  B. tea                    C.tomato             D. pea
12. A. hungry                B. thirsty              C. tired                 D. orange
13. A. water                   B. rice                   C. noodles           D. bread
14. A. fish            B.lemonade         C. meat                D. lamb