Topic 60: Beauty in nature

Beauty in nature

Beauty is hard to define but easy to recognise.

In nature beauty may be discerned in all things and places, even in the most unexpected regions of the earth. There is beauty in the infinite variety of flowers, birds, animals and plants, many of which are vividly colourful. 

There is beauty in mountains, valleys and hills, and in the skies. Thus, beauty can be found in all the creations of God. Then hunter who scans the forests for his quarry is often fascinated by the beauty that he finds in objects, which conceal beautiful flowers from human sight, suddenly reveal their secrets to him when he stumbles over them. The fisherman who turns to the sea for his livelihood is fascinated by the beauty of the multitudinous creatures that swarm in the seas. Many of these creatures are found even on the shore. But the oceans often conceal the beauty that lies below their surface, and to catch a
glimpse of the beauty of the world below the sea, hundreds of divers everywhere explore the bottoms of the oceans, even at the risk of losing their lives in the unknown regions of the world below. 
Even the farmer and the traveller appreciate the beauty that is found in nature. The farmer finds beauty in the variety of the plants that he grows. The traveller is impressed with the beauty of distant hills and mountains, and the beauty of meadering rivers in large valleys. He is also appreciative of the beauty of the night. As he travel in the moon-light, he looks at the landscape and is lost in admiration of it. 
The beauty in nature is also appreciated by others. Almost every one delights to see the rushing streams and the numerous birds and animals that may be found in every part of the earth, for these are part of the ornaments of nature. Even the tiniest of creatures has a beauty of its own. In search of this beauty in nature, men in all parts of the world are travelling great distances and spending a great deal of money, even in some cases, even their life savings. It is this appreciation of natural beauty that impels men to visit distant lands which have a beauty of their own. Men have also visited the islands that are spread throughout the world in search of the natural beauty. Many have seen visited the cold deserts in the Artics as well as the hot deserts where few plants grow, in search of the beauty that may be found in these regions, despite the lack of vegetation and animals life. The deserts are indeed the home of many beautiful plants and animals which find sufficient refuge in these pans, and many of the birds too, here are remarkable for their beauty. 
But the person who is most appreciative of natural beauty is the poet who finds music and beauty even in the movement of the clouds and winds. His deep appreciation of the beauty that he finds around him impels him to give utterance to it in the most expressive language, which is itself often of imperishable beauty. 
1. discern (v): nhận thức, thấy rõ
2. God (n): chúa trời, thượng đế
3. scan (v): xem tỉ mỉ, kiểm tra cẩn thận
4. quarry (n): con mồi
5. conceal (v): giấu giếm, che đậy
6. reveal (v): bộc lộ, biểu lộ, tiết lộ
7. stumble (v): vấp, trượt chân
8. multitudinous (adj): rất nhiều, vô số kể
9. glimpse (n): cái nhìn thoáng qua
10. meander (v): ngoằn ngoèo, quanh co, khúc khuỷu
11. ornament (n): đồ trang hoàng, đồ trang trí
12. impel (v): thúc ép, bắt buộc
13. refuge (n): nơi trốn tránh, nơi ẩn náu, nơi trú ấn
14. remarkable (adj): đáng chú ý, đáng để ý
15. utterance (n): sự phát biểu, sự bày tỏ
16. imperishable (adj): bất hủ, bất tử, bất diệt