Topic 57: Describe an unpleasant dream you have had

Describe an unpleasant dream you have had
Everyone dreams. Some dreams are pleasant and some are not. One of the most unpleasant dreams that I have had concerns a wild creature which used to visit a village every night in search of blood and flesh. 

It is difficult for me to give a proper description of the creature. It was tall, black and hairy. Its legs and hands resembled those of a man, but its face was like that of a leopard. It walked like a man but it could also run like an animal when it wished. Its home was not on land but in the sea. However, its thirst for blood was insatiable. Every night when all the people
in the village that it used to visit went to bed, it would come out of the sea and quietly go into the village. It would look for a man who might be outside. Such was its luck that it found at least one man every night. Its method of attack was simple. As soon as it saw a man, it would put its powerful hands round his neck and strangle him. At the same time it would sink its teeth into the flesh and drink his blood. This unfortunate man would have no time to shout, for death came swiftly. 
In this way, the creature had killed a lot of people, but no one could explain their disappearance. As the foot prints of the creature were similar to those of a tall and big man, no one could distinguish between the foot prints of the creature and those of a man. Then, one night, I happened to be in the village. The creature, however, did not see me when it came. I was at first frightened. but when I saw it had caught and killed a man, 1 felt brave. I knew that it would now not bother to kill me. I therefore decided to follow the creature. 
Not suspecting that it was being followed, the creature stopped at a place and began to eat the man. When it was satisfied, it picked up the remains of the man and slowly walked back into the sea which was only a short distance from the village. All the while I moved very cautiously. Then, I ran back to the village and told the people what had happened. On the next day, the villagers waited near the sea with all the weapons that they had. The creature came out for its usual meals, but this was an unfortunate day for the creature. As soon as it was on the land, the villagers surrounded it and killed it. Its cries of pain and anger before it died were such that I suddenly woke up to find that I was only dreaming. I felt greatly relieved. 
1. concern (v): liên quan đến, dính líu tới
2. description (n): sự diễn tả, sự miêu tả
3. resemble (v): giống với, tương tự
4. leopard (n): con báo
5. strangle (v): bóp nghẹt
5. swiftly (adv): nhanh; nhanh chóng, ngay lập tức
7. distinguish (v): phân biệt
8. bother (v): áy náy, băn khoăn, lo ngại
9. cautiously (adv): cẩn thẩn, thận trọng
10. surround (v): vây quanh, bao quanh