Topic 50: Do you think that physical education is important?

Do you think that physical education is important?
The value of physical education has been realized since the earliest times of human existence. The Greeks and the Romans considered it indispensable to the development of a good personality and character. 

Today in all the schools and universities in the world, a great deal emphasis is being placed on physical education as a means of producing citizens of good character and personality. 
Physical education develops the muscles of the body scientifically and increases muscular activity and physical strength. All this makes the body active and efficient. It is now also realized that there is a close connection between the body and the mind. Therefore, if the body is active, the mind too is active. Proof of this can be easily found among children. Children who are inactive physically are usually also mentally lazy. An active and efficient body is a healthy body. When the body is healthy, the mind too is and therefore happy. Thus, physical education contributes greatly to the health and happiness of an
individual such an individual could do a great deal for the good of society. 
Physical education can also contribute to the strength of a nation. If the youths of a country receive proper physical education, they can build up a strong country to protect itself from foreign attacks or invasions. 
Further, physical education provides opportunities for contacts with people of other lands. Athletes of all countries meet at various countries at various times to compete with one another and thus promote common understanding among countries for the benefit of one another. 
It is therefore, not without reason that physical education has been a part and parcel of academic pursuit today. I do therefore agree that physical education is important to all people. 
1. physical (adj): (thuộc) thể chất
2. indispensable (adj): tuyệt đối cần thiết
3. emphasis (n): sự nhấn mạnh, tầm quan trọng
4. muscle (n): bắp thịt, cơ
5. proof (n): chứng cứ, bằng chứng
6. inactive (adj): không hoạt động, thiếu hoạt động
7. individual (adj): cá nhân
8. invasion (n): sự xâm lược 
9. opportunity (adj): cơ hội, thời cơ
10. athlete (n): vận động viên; lực sĩ
11. part and parcel : thành phần không thể thiếu
12. pursuit (n): sự theo đuổi nghề nghiệp hoặc hoạt động